Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rajesh Thombre! Snakes are his friends, nature is his Guru!

Are you not afraid about death? One camper questioned Rajesh Thombre! 

He replied,' I meet Death everyday! We say Hi, hello and promises to meet again. I love death, Everyday I catch poisonous snakes without any equipment, and I am not afraid about it! My work is selfless, pure and for others so I am not afraid about the Death! 
He catches all types of snakes in his hand, never catches their neck or hood. He loves the snakes. 
Rajesh tells a simple formula, if you meet your friend, you will smile and greet/hug him, you will never catch his neck, you will never have any doubt on your friend, you will not be afraid about him. So I never have doubts on snakes, some time they makes me aware that I should focus more on their hospitality. Its duty of the real friend to teach lessons! I have got lessons from my friends 38 times till today!
He had poisonous snake bite for 38 times till today, till that he loves snakes! 
Rajesh never charges a single penny from anyone to treat them.

Mr. Rajesh Thombre

Snake friend!
Strange personality, never uses stick or any other equipment to catch the snakes. He loves them, has has done lots of researches on snakes.
He was declared as a dead because of Cobra bite, but he survived from the accident. He lost his one finger because of poisonous snake bite. He says, "this finger reminds me that, "you have lost your finger, it should not happen with others".

He has saved near about 30, 000 persons who had snake bite.
He spent three years in a hospital to learn how to treat the patients and now guides so many doctors to treat the patients,( related to snake bite). He has mastery in his field. He learnt from the life and in the school of the nature! 
He has spent so many days with Adiwasi people to learn about the nature. He says, I was not allowed to take bath, to use hair oil or any other things, even they asked him to wear minimum cloths,  the cloths should be dirty. He learns  from everything and from everyone, so he calls others 'Guruji! 

Rajesh Thombre is not only a simple snake friend, he is beyond that!

Friday, May 27, 2011

And the student was……!

Class was going on; teacher was telling a famous story of Saint Eknath Maharaj.
...As a routine Saint Eknath took bath in holy Godavari River. As he was returning to home one Muslim person spat on him. He went back to take bath. Same thing happened 108 times and Saint Eknath forgives him every time. He just said, I am thankful to him, because of him I took holy bath for 108 times.  
Teacher finished the story and asked students, what are the teachings in this story?
Students answered…….
Sant Eknath was a great person
Forgiveness is a good quality.
We should not get angry
Real happiness is in forgiveness
We should keep our mind calm and peaceful in all situations
As this was going on, one student was sitting quietly in the classroom. Teacher asked him why are you not answering. What do you think?
The student stood up and said, whatever my friends answered is based on the teachings they had from their seniors, but after listening this story what I understood is….
“Hindu people were sleeping in that time as they are today”.
The teacher said, what are you saying? Do you think Saint Eknath was wrong?
The student replied, No sir! How I can say that Saint Eknath was wrong? Whatever Saint Eknath did, it was suitable to his personality. He was a great Saint. But when the Muslim was spitting on his body, Hindu people were looking silently. He spat more than 100 times, it would have been happening for whole day, but nobody opposed him.
Instead of opposing the wrong things we are teaching this story till today.
What I learn from this story is……
"To preserve our culture and protect the good people society should be awakened!"
Everybody looked at the student, and the student was ……..!
Great freedom fighter
Swatantryaveer  Vinayak Damodar Savarkar!

About Veer Savarkar-
Born: May 28, 1883
Achievements: Founded the Abhinav Bharat Society and Free India Society; brought out an authentic informative researched work on The Great Indian Revolt of 1857 called "The Indian War of Independence 1857"; founded Hindu Mahasabha.

Veer Savarkar occupies a unique place in the history of Indian freedom struggle. Veer Savarkar was also a great orator, prolific writer, historian, poet, philosopher and social worker. He was an extraordinary Hindu scholar. He coined Indian words for telephone, photography, the parliament, etc.

Veer Savarkar’s original name was Vinayak Damodar Savarkar. He was born on May 28, 1883 in the village of Bhagur near Nasik, Maharashtra.  He was one among four children born to Damodarpant Savarkar and Radhabai. Veer Savarkar had his initial education at the Shivaji School, Nasik. He lost his mother when he was only nine. Savarkar was a born rebel. He organized a gang of kids ,Vanarsena when he was just eleven.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Second day of my bike journey!

This is second day of my bike journey. I arrived at Ambajogai around 2 pm. I met to Avinash Mirge, Mansi, Anand and Kaustubh, TJY yatris. I visited engineering college and interacted with youngsters in the canteen. We met to Principal of the college, he felicitated me by giving shall, bouquet etc. We had lunch in a hotel and visited some ancient temples in the city.We met to Prasad Chikshe, had interaction with him for an hour. Prasad is an IIT graduate, devoted his life for the nation and transforming youngsters in and around the town. He studied at Vivekananda Kendra and transformed by Swami vivekananda’s thoughts. He came back to Ambajogai after serving in different parts of the country. Presently he has started different activities for different age groups. He has inspired hundreds of youngsters and formed different groups of youngsters; they are serving in the villages around the city. He conducts Personality development courses, camps, and training sessions.
He is a role model for village youngsters,

Saturday, April 23, 2011

We dont know!

I met around six thousand people of the country including students, working professionals, villagers, adivasis etc. when I was in north east states so many villagers were not aware about our country. They dont know that somebody ruled us and we got independence in 1947. They are not aware about the president and prime minister of the country. Same experiences I had in some parts of Bihar, Orrisa and Chattisgarh. These situations we can understand because the people are illiterate and living in extreme poverty. In some colleges when I spoke about the country, our ancient research, inventions, philosophy so many students, professors replied that they heard this information first time. People don’t know about the freedom fighters who gave us freedom.
We dont know our reality, we should change our attitude!
One can understand when illeterate people says we dont know, but what about educated?

Without nothing, everything! Nothing is everything!

The title sounds funny, but it is true.

I planned to visit the whole Bharat for 108 days without having anything. No money, no bike, no camera, nothing! In others opinion It was a just a silly idea or thought. When I talked with my friends, they asked me, Are you mentally OK? Is anything wrong with you? Any break up, family problem? Etc.

If we believe on our self then success is there. The start itself is a greater success. I became courageous, fearless, and very happy. My all family members strongly opposed me, till that I was happy. On 28th February the Yatra was cancelled, till that I am happy only. I never had such experiences in my life time.

I decided to start on 11th March without informing any one. I have only two pairs of cloths, one old shoes, one bag, one shall, one notebook and hundred rupees. I wanted bike to save time and money but not having it! I am just traveling to experience and know the Bharat, to know myself.
Now everyone is asking a question how will you manage this journey without having money?

I don’t have anything and I am going to experience nothingness. That nothingness is everything. What we seek outside is there in side, but we can’t look inside because of ignorance, attachment, and fear of different things. These thoughts should be experienced then only we can say that nothing is everything.

I have written this blog before starting the Yatra and uploading it on 85th day of the Yatra. I have experienced that nothingness. I got bike, camera, laptop, petrol expenses without asking to anyone. My friends and some good people managed it.