Saturday, April 23, 2011

We dont know!

I met around six thousand people of the country including students, working professionals, villagers, adivasis etc. when I was in north east states so many villagers were not aware about our country. They dont know that somebody ruled us and we got independence in 1947. They are not aware about the president and prime minister of the country. Same experiences I had in some parts of Bihar, Orrisa and Chattisgarh. These situations we can understand because the people are illiterate and living in extreme poverty. In some colleges when I spoke about the country, our ancient research, inventions, philosophy so many students, professors replied that they heard this information first time. People don’t know about the freedom fighters who gave us freedom.
We dont know our reality, we should change our attitude!
One can understand when illeterate people says we dont know, but what about educated?

Without nothing, everything! Nothing is everything!

The title sounds funny, but it is true.

I planned to visit the whole Bharat for 108 days without having anything. No money, no bike, no camera, nothing! In others opinion It was a just a silly idea or thought. When I talked with my friends, they asked me, Are you mentally OK? Is anything wrong with you? Any break up, family problem? Etc.

If we believe on our self then success is there. The start itself is a greater success. I became courageous, fearless, and very happy. My all family members strongly opposed me, till that I was happy. On 28th February the Yatra was cancelled, till that I am happy only. I never had such experiences in my life time.

I decided to start on 11th March without informing any one. I have only two pairs of cloths, one old shoes, one bag, one shall, one notebook and hundred rupees. I wanted bike to save time and money but not having it! I am just traveling to experience and know the Bharat, to know myself.
Now everyone is asking a question how will you manage this journey without having money?

I don’t have anything and I am going to experience nothingness. That nothingness is everything. What we seek outside is there in side, but we can’t look inside because of ignorance, attachment, and fear of different things. These thoughts should be experienced then only we can say that nothing is everything.

I have written this blog before starting the Yatra and uploading it on 85th day of the Yatra. I have experienced that nothingness. I got bike, camera, laptop, petrol expenses without asking to anyone. My friends and some good people managed it.