Monday, March 8, 2010

Change the system!

What youth can do for development of the nation? Youth should be active; they should able to think freely and independently.
Youth is a special phase of life, we should have freedom of thinking, we should be self motivated, and we should act for the change. Our main problem is we never act, we know all the problems but we think somebody should solve it. We are not ready to take initiative.
Youth should integrate with society; we should understand religions, society, politics, and Government. Only youth can make the change.
As Swami Mitrananda says, if you want to make change then study the system, survive in the system, establish yourself in the system and then make the change.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My death is dead!

Death is the fact of life! But nobody is ready to accept it. It is truth, and it should be accepted. Death is the biggest fear in our life; it is the base of all other fears. We live in fear everyday. If we have fear we can’t do anything. Our ancient philosophy speaks very clearly about the death. Bhagvadgeeta says, one who is born death is certain. Death is just like changing the cloths, throwing old one and accepting new one. It also says real self never dies, and never takes birth. It just passes through one to another body.
Knowing our real nature and becoming aware about the facts of life develops courage. Such person experiences real happiness with work satisfaction. He can enjoy the life. He knows that death is just a step in my journey where I have to change the station, wear new dress; take new vehicle to continue the journey.
One who learns Yog, real Bharatiya philosophy can get vision and clarity of life and experiences that death is not end of my journey. If we have higher vision, pure thoughts and strong will power to serve the country then we can conquer the death and experience that --My death is dead!


I am starting my bike journey across Bharat to serve the nation. I am traveling alone without having any basic facilities like money, accommodation and food arrangements. I am responsible for entire happenings during the journey. Its good that if I met with death while serving to the motherland, if I come alive its better that I have more time to serve the nation. Death never comes before the time and if time is there then nobody can stop the death.
Everyone like new and colorful dresses, but don’t want to throw old one. We should learn to detach from old things to learn new one. We should be ready to die for good cause. All attachments should be kept away then only one can becomes perfect person to serve the nation.
My first will is nobody should feel bad (specially my family) about my death.
The Insurance money should be divided in two parts, 50% should be given to my parents and other people from whom I borrowed money for this journey.
Remaining 50% should be deposited in bank and it can be distributed as a scholarship to the needy students, and the people who wants to serve the nation.
I don’t have any other wills, desires but I will be really satisfied if somebody serves to the nation for few days in a year. 

Seeking Bharat! Seeking.........Bha rat...........King Bharat!

Seeking Bharat!
Seeking means to search! It means knowing ours real nature, passion, Swadharma etc.
This journey is to search the real nation which is in the villages. There is huge difference between what we see and what exactly is! We believe in what we see, what we hear, what we read etc, It’s not wrong but not hundred percent right also. To know something higher we should experience the things.
Seeking Bha- Rata
Bharat is a land where people are busy to get, to search the real knowledge. Bha means knowledge, and rat means busy, the land where people are busy to acquire the higher knowledge and its distribution. We have invented so many things and shared with the entire world. We believed that knowledge is universal and it should be shared with all. It means they have experienced the knowledge and then shared with other. This is my journey to search such types of people who are busy to get and give the knowledge.
See King Bharat
As a nation Bharat is really king,  means greater in various fields. we are the youngest nation in the world. History says that only young people can do the change, if we reveal in our real form we can make revolution and our nation can be a real king in the world. 
We were very great, but lost our identity because of others influences upon us. Now a day some youngsters think that what comes from the west is the best, rest is waste. 
We should know who we are? What is our identity? Who were our ancestors? What types of great work they have done in different fields?
If we study our nation, we were really great.  

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Purpose of Seeking Bharat! A bike ride across the Bharat.

The purpose of my yatra can be differentiated as an Internal and external. The internal purpose is I want to experience freedom, become free, independent, detached from ego, desires, unnecessary thoughts, so I can focus on my goal, experience the real knowledge and serve the society in a better way. This Yatra is to develop courage, being adventurous, adjust and suit to any types of situations, and develop the strength of mind. I want to know who I am. And I am seeking the answer within. Yatra is a part of knowledge, it develops wisdom. It s not a picnic or a tour, I am staying at Railway station, ST stands, police stations, temples, and other public places.  This yatra is to search the young Bharat, to inspire them, and motivate with understanding to serve the nation.
So many youngsters want to serve the country, but they dont have clear vision. I will share about some training programs like Youth Empowerment Program to get clearity and vision of life. If some youngsters ready to serve the country for a year, my external purpose will be fulfilled.

Detachment like Vayu

Vayu means wind. It is the best symbol of freedom, power, speed, strength, and detachment. We should earn detachment from Vayu. If we are detached we become courageous. Attraction makes us weak. We are attracted to different things in our lifetime. When we were children we were attached to toys and playing, we grew we are attached to opposite sex, we becomes parents and get attached to our children.
There is difference between attachment and love. We should learn to detach from different things. We become free, our mind becomes free and all we know that free mind means strongest mind, healthy mind. If mind is free we will not be in past and present we will think in present, we will live in present and it will help to internal and external growth.

Seeking Bharat! 28 states,80 destinations, 108 days, 21,000 kilometers. Travelling on bike.

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj- What we can learn from him

Shivaji Maharaj was a great strategic thinker, visionary and a fearless leader. He has born on 19th Feb. on the fort Shivneri, District Pune. Here are some qualities which we should learn from Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
Courage- He won first fort Torna at the age of sixteen with the help of few friends. He is the first person who fought successfully against the mighty Mughal who were destroying our culture, temples, heritages like Ellora caves etc.
Leadership- He motivated the farmers, and tribal people, trained them for battles and formed very powerful army.
Management- He was the person who was able to manage himself. He managed his kingdom, introduced new strategies for better kingdom, building forts in the sea, fighting battles on black moon day and introducing special techniques for the battles. He managed all five big enemies ( Nizam, Mughal, Kutub, etc) strategically.
Respect to women- Once his chief of the army gifted him a beautiful young girl, who was kidnapped after winning the battle. Shivaji Maharaj said that, oh my sister, be fearless, this is your home, and he gifted best cloths and sent back to her father with respect. Then he sent a warning letter to all his ministers giving so many rules and ended as, No one should trouble any women there will be harsh punishment for it.
Once a chief of the village (patil) raped a woman, Shivaji Maharaj called him and cut his both the hands, saying that I am just cutting your hands and giving you life so others can be aware that there is no excuse for a rapist.
Visionary- He was a visionary person; he knew that the British will attack on Bharat in future. So he called the main British merchants and sent them in prison, later some weapons found in their ships he collected it and kept strict watch on them. To resist British he built forts in the sea and founded first Navy in Bharat. He is the father of Bhartiya Navy.
Nature preservation- He strictly warned to his ministers in his Adnyapatra (order letter), No one should cut a single tree in our kingdom. Trees are member of our country and plants are like children. Take care of them and preserve the nature.
Bravery- Power + Intelligence=Bravery. In Marathi, Shakti + Yukti = Shourya. Afzal Khan was more powerful than Shivaji Maharaj, but Maharaj killed him with the help of Shakti and Yukti.

Here is some part of the first speech of Shivaji Maharaj when he took oath to freedom. (From the play Janata Raja)
My Dear friends, from last three hundred years we are living a life of dog in slavery, but now we want to live like tigers. It’s better that if no body loves us, but no body should feel pity on us. We are the sons of Mata Tulja Bhavani, we are born to preserve good things and destroy bad. Jagdamb! Oh my friends you are the lions (Nar sinha), come out from all the sides (poles), with full inspiration, and power. We are doing this for the God, Country, and freedom and to protect good Dharma. We will be successful. This work belongs to Mata Bhavani, it will be successful. Our bravery is required for it!

Purpose of my bike ride across Bharat.

As most of you know that, I have devoted this year for the nation. I am traveling on bike to serve and visit the rural Bharat. I will be in each state around three to six days. The route is given below, if possible we can meet in your city. I will be in touch through mail.
You can help me by giving information about institutes/Colleges/NGO's in your area and sharing your thoughts/idea's about serving the nation.

Vayu Shodh Yatra- Keep moving
Starting date -5th March 2010
Starting from- Pune
Total distance- around 14 thousand kilometers.
Duration- 108 days
Objectives –
The main objective is to visit and know real Bharat and serve the society by sharing our knowledge and skills with them.
In this yatra I am planning to interact with maximum youngsters across the country to share the vision, ideas and thoughts of serving the nation through different projects like Youth empowerment program, Tata jagriti Yatra etc.
To understand the problems of rural citizens, related to education, health, food, employment, and knowing their ideas of happiness.
I am planning to visit a college/school/NGO everyday to interact with students and like-minded Bharatiya.

My bike ride to serve the nation

In young age we have power, energy, daring, lot of enthusiasm! All these things should be well channelized. If we use these qualities for good reason, we can learn so many things. It was my dream to travel whole Bharat on bike, but it was not possible because of education, job etc. I resigned job to serve the nation at the age of 25.
I started serving from Maval area in Pune district and then shifted to Chennai. I worked on different projects with Chinmaya Mission and also served to “ Tata Jagriti Yatra”.
Traveling across the country, serving people, knowing about rural Bharat is the aim of my bike journey. I am going to interact with youngsters and sharing information about “Youth Empowerment Program” and Tata Jagriti Yatra. I am sure it will help them to develop and evolve. I am just sharing the ideas to get the knowledge, and I think it is the best type of service.