Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Bike of Bharat Yatra!

11th March is a great day in my life. on 11th March 2010 I started my bike journey. Traveled across the Bharat covering 21000 kilometers, visited 28 states within 108 days. The bike which i used was not mine, today (on 11th March 2016) I have purchased the same bike from my friend Sunil Mane. Thanks Sunil for being a part of this wonderful moments of my life. 
When I started the journey I was not having bike, Sunil came forward and gave the bike. I borrowed some money from my friend and started from Pune. Everyday I used to visit a college and interact with youngsters. When I look back it inspires me. 
Some moments in life are beyond understanding, the Bharat Yatra is one such moment of my life. 
Today I have got the bike back.