Sunday, August 29, 2010

Geeta for Yuva, Shrikrishna- Youth icon

Generally we celebrate Krishnajayanti by breaking Dahi handi , playing music and dancing in front of the lord. Additional to the general celebration these youngsters thought differently and took up this project which is creative and helpful to others. They are sharing their experiences and talking about Bhagavadgeeta in different colleges. They are also distributing Bhagavadgeeta to youngsters free of cost. The run is aimed to demonstrate strong mind in a strong body.

Swami Mitrananda, Directort of All India chinmaya Yuva Kendra, who believes that, “make them do, what you want in a way in which they like doing it”. He gave this small project to the youngsters so they can understand and experience the message of Bhagavadgeeta.

Geeta is a greatest scripture and it deals about every aspect of human life. It is not limited to any religion or group of people. Studying Geeta is very important to live happily and peacefully. The thoughts of Bhagavadgeeta are helpful to the youngsters in their life. so many great people like Lokmanya Tilak, Mahatma Gandhi, Khudiram Bose, Einstine, Subhash Chandra Bose, Veer Savarkar are appreciated the message of the Geeta, and agreed that Geeta helped them when they did something different/ when they faced greatest challenges of their life.

Today’s life is very fast, youngsters are going through tough competition and stressful education system. They need some role models in their life. Shrikrishna is a greatest youth icon because he enjoyed all the aspects of the life. He enjoyed his childhood, youthfulness and became a role model to others. He was focused, balanced so he could achieve perfection in every field. We should see Shrikrishna as a role model, youth icon than the God. If we see him as a God, we think that, he did great things because he was God.

On the occasion of the Krishna jayanti we should try to follow at least one value from his life. If the value grows in us it is the real birth of Krishna. It means we are celebrated and understood the real meaning of Shri Krishna jayanti. Let’s come together and start celebration of every festival creatively, so the real purpose of the celebration can be achieved.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Indian says, we are not Indian!

During my journey on bike across Bharat, I was caught by terrorists in Manipur. They took away my bike and all other stuffs. When I introduced myself and explained my mission of the Yatra to their leader. He got angry and said, you are creating awareness about Bharat in our country. This is totally wrong, this is against our thoughts. Why you came in our nation (not in state). I was shocked by hearing such language. He was a well educated person, Manipur is a part of our country and the guy is asking, why you came in our nation? They were not having any feeling about the country.
They simply ask what Government is doing for us? There are no roads, light, schools and basic infrastructure in these states. What you people thinks about us when we comes to India? You call us as a Chinese or Japanese. We are neglected from the Government, and rest of the country.

They don’t think that they are a part of the country. There is no change, development in most part of the north east states. If we visit villages in Manipur and Nagaland we will come to know the situation.
they are not benefited from us, so its natural there is no love between us.
Can we do something to help our brothers? At least can we give respect to them when they comes here, can we help their children for education? Please think, otherwise we may loose a chance to think on such issues. 

India is independent, not Indians!

When we celebrate Independence Day, we should ask a question to ourselves. Our (geographical) country might be independent, Are we really independent?

Real independence is being free from situations, problems, and bondages. It means to think freely and take right decisions independently. Independence Day reminds the bravery of the freedom fighters and sacrifice of the revolutionaries. We are not connected with the freedom struggle, so we don’t feel that it is significant. We are forgetting our originality

We just celebrate the day by hoisting the flags, distributing sweets beating drums and enjoying the holiday.

In a conversation with an old and experienced person (who was a retired police inspector) in Harayana I got some shocking information. His age was 83 and he was actively participated in freedom movement. He said we are not independent till today. At the individual level we don’t have freedom, we are not aware about our rights; we are ruled by our politicians. We can’t think, we just give votes and selects the politician. Most of the people give votes because of the pressure and most educated runs away from it. He added that, on 15th Aug 1947 nothing happened, just white British went and black came. He said that, as compare to our politician British were good. They were not corrupt; they were disciplined, punctual and educated. Our current politicians are not having these basic qualities also. As per his opinion we need another revolution for political freedom.