Saturday, June 28, 2014

You can’t stay here- Experience in Rajasthan!

I visited Jodhpur fort and left the city at 5.30 pm. I started driving towards Jaisalmer. It was around 6.30 pm so I was searching a place to stay. I saw a board Rameshwar Ashram and went there. There was a young Sadhu and few old people. I asked permission to stay there and they agreed. They said you can stay here, this is lord shiva’s temple, and we are also visitor. The sadhu talked with me very nicely. It was around 8 pm, there was Bhajan program. Some people came from the villages; there was an old lady who came from nearby village. She must be a retired teacher, around sixty. I met all of them and started discussion. The lady called me and asked about my cast. It was so funny. I gave all the details, she asked identity proofs, I showed PAN, driving license etc. she was not satisfied, she called Mukhiya of the village, he was also an old person, he asked me about the cast. I told that I am Hindu and my sub caste is Maratha, I am Kshatriya. Then the lady started discussion with him in their language. I realized that, it is not safe and good to stay in the temple. I told them if you have any problem I can go and stay in jungle also.
The lady said, yes, its better you go from here; she must be looking for their safety. I took all the documents from them, and moved from the place. The sadhu was requesting to have food, but the lady was telling him that don’t request, let him go. I left around 9.30 pm. I don’t know why, but tears came in my eyes.

There was total darkness, it was full moon day, but there were clouds in the sky. After one hour there was full light of the moon. I parked my vehicle near the road, and slept on the bike. I used to sleep on bike many times in a Jungle. Some people were walking on the road, they saw me and increased their speed and finally started running. I understood their problem, (It was a full moon day, and there is a superstition in villages that ghosts can appear on this day) and decided to move from there. I went to a Dhaba and asked for stay, he asked 200 rupees to stay on terrace. I was not having that much budget, so I drove till 11.30 and got a place to stay at a road side Dhaba. 

Would you like to have such food?

One day I stayed at a temple in the evening. Later people misunderstood me as a terrorist, I had to leave the temple around 10 pm.
I was searching a place to stay in the night. I asked so many places/dhaba and hotels but it was not in my budget. Finally I went to a Dhaba around 11 pm in the night; the owner gave permission to stay there without taking any charges.  it was Rajasthani Pure vegetarian dhaba.
Few people were sitting there. We talked for around half an hour, they asked many things about my bike Yatra. One person asked me about the dinner; I said no, I can’t have dinner today, because it is too late.  He said wait for some time I will make food for you. He also promised that there is only vegetarian food.
He was handicapped, his both legs were just hanging, so he was crawling with his palms. We were sitting outside near the road and the kitchen was around 50 feet.
He started crawling, went to toilet (most dirty toilet at Dhaba, open air), came out, directly went in Kitchen, did not washed his hand. The kitchen was in open area and everything was visible. He took the material and started making a Roti for me.
I was looking at him; I decided to not have dinner in any situation. He made two roti, came back and sat with me. He ordered the food for me. I said no, I am not feeling hungry and don’t want to eat, because it is too late. He said, friend I made food especially for you, I will not allow you to sleep without having food. You have to take dinner. The plate came in front of me; I was not ready to eat the food. The person requested again and again. He said don’t give money, but have the food, you have not taken food, you are driving the bike, you should take food. His love was something different; he was not treating me as a common visitor. I closed my eyes, the whole scene repeated in front of my eyes, he went to toilet, directly to the kitchen and made roti.

I started thinking, a thought came in my mind, I saw this scene so I am not ready to have the food. The cause is not his dirtiness; the cause is my eyes and mind. It might have been happening in other restaurants also.  And anyway it was hot food so obviously it was hygienic. So I looked the situation as a training session and had food. I was eating because of his love. The person was really happy. He was just looking towards me. I had one chapati and returned remaining food, because it was so spicy. I paid for it. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Few seconds with Mr. Death-an accident at Mount Abu

I was driving very slowly; it was a narrow ghat road. So there was no chance to overtaking. One bus was there in front of me and I wanted to overtake the bus, because it was going very slowly. The driver was not giving side. There were so many sharp turns and deep vally to one side. I tried to overtake the bus, I was driving parallel to the bus, and I saw a Jeep coming very fast, he applied the brake and stopped the jeep, it was impossible to avoid the accident. I also used brakes with full power. We managed to stop our vehicles; there was only half feet distance between the Jeep and my bike. One Indica was following the jeep, Indica driver could not use the brakes properly, he banged on the jeep and we heard big sound. People in jeep and Indica started shouting, screaming. Suddenly I took my bike to other side of the road. Indica’s both the headlights had gone. Front side was damaged badly.  Luckily nothing happened to any traveler.
If I would not have taken my bike outside, I would have gone in the deep vally.
I was very silent, peaceful and calm on that time. No fear no thought, tension, nothing.  I enjoyed the peace. I was with Mr. Death for two minutes; these two minutes were one of the memorable times in my life.
I took some photographs of the jeep and the indica.
Driver’s mentality
Both the drivers came to me and started shouting. Actually it was not my mistake, but they saw vehicle number and started asking money to repair the Indica. He said expenses will be more than five thousand, at least give two thousand. They were asking my camera. Their voice and anger was increasing, I was silent and peaceful. I was just smiling. One of them took bike’s key, was getting ready for fighting. I realized this incidence will cross the limits and within few minutes they will start fighting. I started shouting very badly, I increased my voice double to them. I said, both of you are drivers; it’s your mistake till that I am listening to you. Do you think I am alone in this area? You just touch me and see what happens. I am not mad to travel without anything. I am well prepared.
They became silent, kept quit and said, ok we will compromise, give us two thousand rupees and go. I was not having money; I had only 500 rupees and was ready to give them. But they wanted more. So they asked me to come down and talk with the Indica owner. The Jeep driver went because his customers were shouting at him. So I went with Indica driver. I drove in first gear for ten kilometers, gears were not changing.

When we were going down, the indica driver informed to the owner of the car. When I arrived at the railway station so many Muslim youngsters were standing there. The owner was a Muslim person. I got down, went in the group and said, Namaste! I introduced myself and told the incidence, the driver was also agreed what I told to them. Some seniors said that, it is not your mistake at all, why you came with him. Sorry for your inconvenience. I said your driver was not listening to me. Till that the owner asked for some money, another person shouted at him and said, how you can ask money? It’s not his mistake. Finally they said, you can go for your next journey. I had to repair the bike, because the gears were not changing. I went to a Garage and repaired it.

Unbelievable, but I have to believe on it!

This yatra is miracle; I have got many strange experiences. Sometime there are difficult tests. I never believed on God before the Yatra, but now I have started experiencing it.
I am enjoying his blessings and moving as per his guidance. Some time I become quit, enjoys silence, sometime I talk continuously for whole days, sometime I stay in temple, jungle, village and sometime I enjoy luxurious stays In A/c. Sometime I eat only cucumbers, in a day sometime I get food for five times in a day. Sometime I tried to behave against his will and experienced strange things. E.g. once I went to visit Chamunda temple and my bike got punctured, but there was service station just one kilometer ahead. Once I drove after seven pm, bike slept twice on stones but nothing happened to me, till that I continued and my bike felt in the soil. There was only soil for five feets, whole bike was hiding in the soil, I took away some soil and picked up the bike. Once I was driving after 2.30 pm without lunch, and I slept on bike, my bike stopped at the road side in the sand.
So many times I stays anywhere, I get proper vegetarian food and all facilities. I don’t know how it happens. Some time I am getting challenging experiences to become strong. But its required. It is helping to develop my self confidence and faith on the greatest power. The power is within us. But to know the power we must know ourselves.

I have just written some small incidents, can’t write the higher ones. I don’t know how it is happening, but I have to believe because I am experiencing it. Its enjoyment, an experience!

Villages and colleges to visit the real Nation

I have taken this concept for the Yatra. Near about 70 percent people lives in villages. If we want to know our country we should visit villages, their condition, lifestyle etc. we can see the real Bharat in villages till today. We can see love, traditions, happiness, humanity, and such values in villages. I decided to visit villages to know the real nation and the real situation/condition of our nation. We think that everything is fine in villages, because we believe on media and Government reports. They never tell real information. If two villages are developed in a district they will show and claim that most of the district villages are developed, there are no problems, but the situation is exactly opposite.
I choose colleges because most of the youngsters are in college campus, not in classrooms. Only sincere, silent, peaceful, disciplined youngster sits in a classroom who finds jobs after their education. They are victims of the education system. I was interested to meet with the youth who sits in campus instead of classrooms. I met them, really they are very active, and they know this education system cannot do anything for them, so they choose informal way of education. They learn from each other, they complete journals and practical’s by sharing each other’s journal. They never fail in exams, they learn life skills, they lives life happily, and they enjoys the life.
These students can do something for the nation, but they should get proper guidance on proper time.
As per my opinion only twenty percent students likes to sit in classrooms in villages and in cities also. Others attend classes because of pressure from family, and compulsion.
I met such students and interacted with them. They wants to do something different, but don’t know what to do?  I talked with them about the service to the nation, entrepreneurship, choosing the career/Swa-dharma, etc.

We had very nice discussions, they used to come and meet me, my bike Yatra was a main attraction for them. 

Tolaram-A very different personality!

I was travelling in Rajasthan; I left from Bikaner around 3 pm. And was in search of a village where I can stay for the night.  I came across the Bhairav temple in Toliyasar.
 I went there, parked my bike and went in the temple. Because of the strange dressing all people were looking at me.  I talked with some people and enquired about the food and stay. One person was very attractive, his mustaches and beard was very special. He came to me and we started talking about my journey.  We became best friends within some time. He requested me to have dinner with him. I went to his house and had nice dinner. His mother and wife made food for me. We talked till 11.30 pm on different topics.
Tolaram is very different personality. His thoughts, hobbies are totally different. He was working in a company in the city. He thought to start own business, came back to his village and started a small shop in front of the temple. He sales  puja material, but one can get anything at his shop, mobile recharge vouchers, all puja material, grocery, biscuits, stationary, pan, cigarette everything. He says if a person doesn’t get something in any other shop they come to me. He is very popular in the village.
He says that he wants to do his own business. As per his opinion he will be a very rich person within five to ten years. He says before five years he was not having house to stay, he built a nice house within five years.
I liked his discipline, he smokes only once in a day. If he gets chance to smoke at 11 pm, then only he smokes otherwise he keeps the same cigarette for next day and waits till 11 pm.  That day we were talking so he avoided smoking.
He said that He wants to start different businesses in the village. He wants to start dairy in the village. He wants to purchase so many cows. His one wish was very strange! He said I want to keep hundreds of cows at my home. I will feed them only different types of grains. Then I will collect the cow dung, wash it, and will collect the grain from the dung. I will wash it properly and grind it. My ultimate wish is to have the roti made from such grains, said Tolaram. He has so many strange and unbelievable ideas like this!

Very nice personality! 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

My driving Sadhana

Driving is a great Sadhana if one practices it properly. I experienced this during my bike journey across the nation for 108 days. During my Yog training Dr. Samprasad Vinod taught me to enjoy everything! If we involve our mind and body in the work it becomes Sadhana. I did lots of experiments while driving and I got the results. I used to do Savasan meditation in the morning every day. I used to keep my mind cool and calm while driving. I gave my hundred percent on driving and I started getting great enjoy from it. I learnt so many things while driving. Someone has said that practice makes man perfect. It is very important what we practicing. If we practice good things we can become perfect in that. I practiced driving perfectly and learnt following things.

Alertness- one should be alert while driving, but we never remain alert because there are so many things to disturb us. We see different boards, vehicles, cars, people, some time beautiful girls (In the case of youngsters) and our alertness goes away. We start thinking on different topics. I think driving is the best way to practice alertness. Because our mind runs very fast when we sit, but when we drive our body also runs fast. Mind is already active and it gets new subjects in every second to become more active.
If we can see all the things and remains with us it is called alertness. We should see all the things but we should not go with it.
 Awareness- we should be aware about driving. If we can practice alertness and remains aware we can feel the difference in sound, speed and such things.
Focus of mind- I practiced to focus my mind on driving and I became successful in that. I was able to focus my mind for at least five hours every day.
Mind and body relation- if we can have synchronization between our mind and body we can achieve so many things.

There are so many advantages of conscious driving; so I think it is a great Sadhana for those who love it. 

Mera Phatuva Nikalo- a stay with Adivasi

I stayed with Adiwasi people, in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. That day I slept at 8 pm and woke up early at 3. 40 am. I was planning to leave from the place, but the old person requested me to stay there. He wanted to take photographs and was not ready till yet. When he saw my camera, he said, “Mera Phatuva Nikalo”. He wanted to take photographs with his wife, so he requested me to wait.  It was 5.30 in the morning the old person started preparation, and became ready till 6.30 am. He cut his mustache, shaved the beard, wore good cloths, wore some ancient jewelry, took a weapon in his hand. When he came out of the Hut, I couldn’t recognize him.

He called his wife also. I took so many photographs. Both of they became very happy, and said, first time In our life somebody took our photographs!

My lunch with Adivasi people

It was really nice experience for me. on Maharashtra and MP border I had lunch with them. I met them in the afternoon and they requested me to have food with them. I sat in a hut, one person served me. There were two chapati, subji, chuttny in my plate. When I looked at the chapati I was shocked, it was to huge, double than biggest Bhakri, I never seen such a big and thin chapati till that day. I requested them to serve only half chapati, it was enough for me. One old lady sat in front of me, she was having three chapati’s in her plate. She started eating, I was just looking towards her, and she finished one chapati within few minutes. I ate the food, it was too spicy, and the lady cleaned her nose in front of me. I felt like omitting, but there was no chance to escape. I finished food and left from the place. 

Today's Education system-a great insight from Sharma Guruji

Sharma guruji is one of the most knowledgeable person I have ever seen. When Dr. Ashok Belkhode suggested to meet him. I went in Kalashram, guruji was resting in the afternoon. He met me in the evening and suggested to stay there. I talked with him for some time and stayed there. We talked on different topics. He asked the purpose of my Yatra. He talked on education system, cast system, ancient Bharatiya sociology, importance of our culture, arts etc. we spent around 7 hours in discussion.
He said our education system is teaching and implementing two things on students. One they make the students sit in the class and teach to do adjustment. Students sits more than six hours in every school, they don’t get chance to become active, to show their talent, they only sits in the classroom for first twenty years of life. After that they don’t want to do physical work, they search jobs which will make them sit. Another thing is they learn adjustment in the schools. There have continuous classes and there is a break only for two minutes. If mathematics class is going on after two minutes Marathi subject will start. So students have to change their mindset within two minutes. If they enjoys math within two minutes they have to accept new thing against their will.
Our education system is like jail. Observe the happiness when students go out from the school. Education should give happiness, enjoyment and satisfaction with knowledge. Till today we are making clerks, managers and producing best brains for multinational companies. After completing education people don’t want to serve the country, they go outside and work for others.
He explained the facts about cast system, what is cast system, how it was formed, what was the purpose, how society was connected to each other etc. after listening to him I thought on these topics and now convinced that, we should know our own culture and the country called Bharat.  

Pure love of the unknown Mother

I arrived at Anantnag around 6 pm, whole city was closed. No one was there without army and few people. Only one market was open, I asked there for accommodation, they suggested going to Martland. I went there around 7 pm; all the doors of the temple were closed. Someone suggested to go at a Gurudwara, it was around seven kilometer away. I drove for two kilometers and asked address to one person, he suggested to stay at Martland temple. Again I came back and requested to police. They checked my luggage and gave permission to stay. I went inside, met to Pujari, he gave a bed in a hall. I asked about food, but they said, everything is closed, its not possible to get food. I was so hungry, there was no food from morning. I just sat there and started thinking about the day. I was thinking about the food, but it was not possible. After some time a middle age lady came there. She looked at me and asked, Beta, Khana khaya hai kya?
I said, No Mataji. I am going to do fast today.
She said Beta, come to my home for dinner.
I said, it’s ok Mataji, I will manage without food.
She said, If you want to stay here, you have to take dinner at my home.
I went to Dharmashala and became fresh, prepared to sleep, did not go to her home for dinner. She came again and called me, I went with her. She requested me to sit in the kitchen.  She served me hot and fresh food. She made special Kundru subji for me. It was really tasty food, and I never had such food in my life. She served the food with love, she treated me just like her own Son. Nobody fed me like her. She said you are my son, whatever you need ask me. i was thinking that we knows each other from just one hour and how she is dealing with me. I became a family member. It was a great experience to experience the mothers love.

My interaction with the (Oldest) Youngsters.

 In Kurukshetra, I was finding accommodation facilities. There were so many Dharmashala’s. I visited few of them.
I went in Jogi Samaj Dharmashala. Few old people were sitting together and smoking Ganja with a common huge Chillam. I asked them for accommodation, they asked about my caste. I said Kshatriya, one of them said that you cannot stay here. This is only for Jogi samaj.
All they were retired from different departments like Police, army, Railway etc. they were experienced and knowledgeable. They checked my identity proofs, they came to know about my Yatra and gave permission.
I talked with them on several issues, I interviewed them. All they were around 80-88.
I asked them, all of you have seen Bharat before and after independence, what you would like to tell about the nation before and after 1947.
One of them replied, Beta, Bharat was independent before 1947. In that time general public was independent, country was not. People were happy and satisfied. Now our country is independent, but people are not. Don’t misunderstand us, we are not supporting British raj, but this was reality.
British were punctual, there was justice for common people, there was strict discipline and bad punishments for gunda’s, they were not corrupt, they were ruling best. But they were outsiders, we wanted freedom, we got it. But we got only one piece of the nation. Our country broke into pieces, we got one peace and we are saying Bharat got freedom. Do you call it freedom?
You call it because you are taught like that, your mind made like that. You will say what this old person is saying, but truth will be always bitter only. You are taught that only because of Mahatma Gandhi country got freedom, but the reality is so many freedom fighters fought so we got freedom, only because of Mahatma Gandhi our country is broken. You are getting wrong education, wrong information. But what one can do? This is Kaliyug, such things gets publicity very fast. Kalay tasmai namah!

These old people talked on different topics, they talked like I am going to change the problems, they were looking towards me, they were hopeful. One of them said, Beta, you will be successful in your mission. Our blessings will be with you. Serve the nation, and tell them realities.

Bike Yatra and Pune

I was not having money to have food in the train. I just closed my eyes and sat quietly. One Marwadi family was sitting in front of me. They noticed that I did not had food from yesterday. One of them asked me, I said that I am pure vegetarian so I never take food in the train. They gave me home made food, and said we are Marwadi, pure vegetarian, please have a food.

I arrived in Pune on 5th March, 2010.and got the bike from Sunil Mane. It was not in good condition; around seven thousand rupees were required for repairing. I met to different people on 5th 6th and 7th March, most of them opposed and laughed at me. One of my friends Vipul Shaha’s supported fully and helped me. His father said, we wanted to contribute for this noble cause. On 8th March Umesh Sardar called me for lunch, and asked in detail about the Yatra. I told everything. He said we will look for sponsorship, but I opposed because I did not wanted sponsorship from anyone. On the same day Parag Potdar, a senior reporter called me, made a nice story and published in Lokmat on next day. I met to Shri Hemant joshi sir in the evening; he liked the project and wanted to help for it. Next day he called me in his office. He managed petrol expenses of the Yatra without any expectation. My friend Viraj Nikam took responsibility of repairing the bike. I met to Shri Mahesh Jivane in the evening at 10 pm. He gave very important tips for the Yatra and asked me to take photographs. I replied I am not having a camera. He managed a new camera for the Yatra. I met to Shri Babasaheb Purandare on 9th March; he blessed me and asked from where are you starting this yatra? I replied it’s not decided, and then he said come to my home, have milk and start the Yatra, let “Mata Bhavani bless you and give a great success. 

Unexpected experience at a Hotel

I arrived at Hisar and went to a dharmashala, the manager asked for 100 rupees I gave the money and saw the room; it was too dirty, so I said I can’t stay there. He was very strange person; he started doing comments on me and was not ready to give the money. I requested but he returned only 45 rupees to me. A thought came in my mind, why I am suffering and finding good places to stay. I will stay in a Jungle or in a village. That day I wanted to wash my cloths and take proper rest so I was in the town.
I visited Hotel Pritam palace just for fun. It is a standard hotel, but the rooms are costly. The Manager showed me some rooms and showed the tariff card. My financial budget was too low so I decided to find some other hotel.  As I was leaving the hotel, the owner came inside.

He asked me that, are you unsatisfied about the hotel? I told him about my journey and said that the rooms are not affordable for me.  He requested me to sit, he enquired about my Yatra. He said, please stay in my hotel, and give whatever you want. I stayed there, the room was really nice. That day I washed all the cloths in the night and had nice sleep for four hours.  I paid 100 rupees as a rent. 

A great mantra from a strange Sadhu

It was too hot day in the month of March, I was travelling through Gujrat. Time was around 11 am, I did not want to drive, because of hit. I was finding a place to take rest for three hours. I saw a Hanuman temple and decided to stay there in the afternoon. I had not taken bath in the morning so did pranam from outside, but a thought came in my mind, if our mind is pure, we can go inside also. I could not take bath because, i couldn't find good facilities. So I decided to go inside the temple. I entered in the temple and saw an old Sadhu, with huge Jata (hairs), mustache and beard. His body was very weak, only bones. He was smoking Ganja.  He must be more than 80. I thought, what a bad person, became old but not have simple sense, smoking in temple. I wanted to move from there and stay at another place for the rest.
Suddenly he asked me, from where are you coming, where are you going?
It was really difficult and highly philosophical question! I thought for awhile and answered simply, I am from Pune, traveling on bike to serve the nation. He asked another question, Do you have aim? Kya tumhare pas lakshya hai?.  And he went on talking, he did not gave a chance to speak. He gave very important tips for my Yatra. He said find the truth!. Everyday all touches the truth, but find it where is the truth. People lies when saying truth always win. They do corruption and remind each other truth always wins. Go and find the truth, if you find it tell me where is truth? Think what truth is, why it is necessary and how it will win.
He was shouting at me sometime, his intention was the young generation. He said, when we were young we fought for freedom, but have we got freedom? No till today we are not independent. Just politicians changed, white went and black are ruling us. White were good as compare to the black. Today’s politicians are black but they think and listen to white only. They are ruled by foreigners till today. See how they behaves in the parliament, strange than mad people in the prison. They are smugglers, Gunda’s , dacoits, killers and raping to the nation. They are taking our nation backwards. They are madarchot, raping their own mother; they can’t understand the difference between their sisters. They are selling their sisters also. See the today’s picture and condition of our motherland. These bahanchod politicians will destroy the nation. They are mad, uneducated, not having sense, not having decision making power. They are sinner!
He said to me, you are also sinner, I said no Babaji, I am not, I have not done any bad things in my life. He said why you are lying. To whom you give your vote, you also helped to select these gunda’s , you knows the condition of motherland, what are you doing to change it. Eunuchs are better than you, at least they claps and asks for money. You are begging for justice, you are demanding good things in the nation, you are expecting good things in the nation and for that you are serving just for one year. It is not enough, fight against this sinners and make your mother happy. How you can see that someone is raping your mother?
Fight, “ladhane se hak milta hai, mangne se bhik milta hai” . You have to fight against your own brothers, against your own family, because they are troubling your mother. Think what I am saying.
He was just going on; he said I am angry at your generation, not you. At least you are doing something, do it, you will come back. When you will return from this journey, return as a fire, give light as a sun, otherwise don’t return. Don’t show your mouth to the motherland, you are not able to live in this nation. I am not disturbing you, but think on my thoughts, and take a right decision.
Sometime he was very soft, sometime more than fire. After half an hour he said, go and think for some time. He gave food to me. There was some rice in a plate for him; he cut it into six same pieces, because we were six people there including him. He distributed the rice to everyone and ate one piece, and then I realized the secret of his weak body. If a group of people comes there at the time of his lunch, what will happen? He may get a food just like a Prasad.
I went and took rest for half an hour, came back to the temple, and wanted to move. He again ordered sit down. I sat, I was not having courage to say no. he talked for some time and said; now I will give you a very powerful mantra. Suddenly my mind changed. Till now he was ok, but when he spoke about mantra I became negative. Actually it was my perception. My mind disturbed, I started thinking what I will do with mantra? And he said you have to chant this mantra everyday at least three to eleven times. Then I thought I don’t want this mantra. I wanted to tell him, Babji I don’t want any mantra; just give your blessings, it’s enough for me.

He said, sit quietly, actually I was not talking anything, I was just thinking negatively about the mantra. For ten to fifteen minutes both of we were silent. Nobody spoke anything. Later I thought what is the problem to listen the mantra? Chanting is next thing. I sat quietly, kept quit, and became thought less, peaceful. And suddenly the Sadhu said, “Mere desh ko sukhi karana hai, mai kya karu”? This is the mantra for you. Chant it every day you will get the answer in this journey. Follow the answer you will become happy and will get whatever you want. Do it regularly, and he said, now go! You will be successful in this journey, but remember its nothing to make your nation happy.

Give your best at the beginning- Learning from a monkey.

I was returning to Bhopal from Sanchi. There is a hilly area on the way. So many monkeys were running here and there, few dogs were chasing them. Because of the fear all monkeys were running very fast. Suddenly one monkey directly came in front of my bike and the front side of the gear (Rod) stuck in his body. He was pulled with the bike for some time and little part of the flesh came out. All this happened within a minute only.
I felt pity and stopped my vehicle; I wanted to give water to the monkey. Suddenly the monkey jumped towards me and started running behind my bike. I started bike and drove fast. Within that time one dog started following to the monkey. The monkey turned back and with full power attacked on the dog and the dog ran away.  
A thought came in my mind if the monkey would have used his full power at the beginning, the accident could have been avoided.

Generally we give our best in critical situations only, we never use our full potential at the beginning. 

Few minutes with Sadhanatai Baba Amte

I visited Anandvan, had Zunka Bhakri for lunch and visited different departments in the Ashram. I met to Sadhanatai Amte, she asked few questions about the yatra. I explained the purpose. She was reading a newspaper, she read something about politics and started discussion on politics. She said, if you want to see the change in the country, politics should be changed. We should have young people in the politics. She talked about ten minutes with me. She told about Baba Amte’s Bharat Jodo Abhiyan, and blessed me for the venture.  

Experiencing God every moment

What is God?
The question was in my mind before starting my bike Yatra across the Bharat. I got answer that all the positive thoughts within us, best people around us, self confidence and pure vision is the God. All good qualities, satisfaction, great joy, utmost state of real happiness is the God. God is also the supernatural power in this universe.
During my bike Yatra I never became unsatisfied, never got angry, I never became tired, never got fatigue, never felt bad, never experienced any negative thing, even I enjoyed all negative things happened to me.

I was extremely happy during this period, I enjoyed everything and as per my understanding this is the experience of God! I have not seen God, but I am sure I have experienced the God!

Doctor sahab, dhokri bimar hai, dawai de do!

I visited a small village in MP, as I was roaming in the village, one person called me  and said loudly, “Dhokri ko  Zada Laga, Davai de do”. I could not understood what he was saying, but I went there, he showed an old lady and said, bimar hai davai de do. I  saw the patient, she was not serious. I gave a tablet from my first aid box and told them that I am not a doctor.
It was around six in the evening. he thought that I am a doctor. Because there was a bag on my bike and I had a little good cloths than them.
They misunderstood me as a Doctor. 
Some children were playing with the roti in the hand that was their dinner. Only roti with a green chilly, even the people who were talking with me were having Bhakri in their hand. No plates, no glass nothing. Only roti and green chilly was the menu of their dinner.

They asked me about my food, I said I had it just now. It was their tradition to share the food if someone comes at the time of dinner. I tasted little Bhakri. I was finding a place to stay. They requested me to stay there.  I was also finding a place to stay. I stayed there, he gave a Khat (Choupai) to sleep. I enjoyed the night with the Adiwasi villagers. 

Most safety place for accommodation- Army camp and Police station

I stayed in villages, at the temples, at the road side, footpaths, jungles, with Adivasi’s, etc. I think most safety place for accommodation is near Police station or in the police station. When a unknown traveler manages to sleep in police station they keep special watch on you, because you should be protected and another thing is they finds who you are! If we are real traveler they appreciate us and take care as a guest.
Manipur and Nagaland was the highly sensitive states during my Yatra. Maowadi’s strike was going on, they were burning trucks and vehicles on the road. they cut trees and kept the huge trunks on the road to block the roads. They kept huge stones on the road, somewhere they dug the roads. So many people suggested me to not visit these states because of the strike. Army and Police checked me so many times and suggested to go back! But I did not. I wanted to experience the strike; I knew nothing will happen to me, because in this journey I am experiencing something different.

I think best place for accommodation is police station if one gets permission to stay there. One can sleep happily near the police station; there was no tension of anything!

My first night stay in a jungle

I was travelling through Gujarat state of Bharat. Gujarat is a really great and developed state. I wanted to stay In the evening, and could not find any appropriate place to stay. So I decided to sleep in the jungle in the night. There was a small jungle of babul trees. I found a good place and decided to stay there. I was completely ok till 7 pm, but as darkness started increasing I became little scared. It was my first stay in unknown jungle. I was very alert, even I could hear all small sounds. I was dealing with my mind and chanting Hanuman chalisa to remove the fear. I always chant this great prayer to get self confidence, courage and to overcome any difficult situations.
 Around 10 pm I heard human voice, some people were talking in unknown language. I checked everywhere no one was around me. I listened carefully and realized that there is someone in the jungle. I decided to go there and find out what is it? Actually my body was sweating and there was fear in mind, but I decided to overcome it. I wanted to see the strangers in the jungle. I took a small stick, wore helmet and went there. After going down, I saw a small foot path. I followed that and that voice became more clearer. I was unable to understand the language. I went there courageously chanting hanumana’s name.
There were two girls making food (bhakri) on Chulha made by three stones, and one youngster was sitting there. He came to me with a weapon in a hand, and I said Namaste! He just laughed, I could see his tooth in the darkness, he was so black. Then another youngster came with a Koyata, a sword to cut the trees. The situation was little strange, I introduced myself in Hindi and I gave them banana and biscuits. I used to purchase it for villagers only. We became nice friends within short time.

They took me at another hut, it was just a shed, no walls etc. it was made to sit in the afternoon and keep the drinking water. They took care of my bike, bought my luggage from up side and put a Godhadi on floor. I put a plastic on the godhadi and sat on it. They made Maka bhakri and dal, served me with great respect. I had little food with them. They were very happy when I ate with them. One of them knew Hindi language and another was able to understand. We discussed for long time, they were 8 brothers and all were working. Eldest of them was sitting with me, his age was around 25. After some time an elder person came there, we talked for some time. They made fire for security and we slept nicely. It was really wonderful experience in a unknown jungle.

Visit to Ambajogai and interaction with Shri. Prasad Chikshe

This is second day of my bike journey. I arrived at Ambajogai around 2 pm. I met to Avinash Mirge, Mansi, Anand and Kaustubh, TJY yatris. I visited engineering college and interacted with youngsters in the canteen. We met to Principal of the college, he felicitated me by giving shall, bouquet etc. We had lunch in a hotel and visited some ancient temples in the city. We met to Prasad Chikshe, had interaction with him for an hour. Prasad is an IIT graduate, devoted his life for the nation and transforming youngsters in and around the town. He studied at Vivekananda Kendra and transformed by Swami vivekananda’s thoughts. He came back to Ambajogai after serving in different parts of the country. Presently he has started different activities for different age groups. He has inspired hundreds of youngsters and formed different groups of youngsters; they are serving in the villages around the city. He conducts Personality development courses, camps, and training sessions.
He is a role model for village youngsters,

We stayed at Anand’s farm house. We had dinner with Vishnu and Laxmi a couple working in the fields. Their son is not looking after them, so they are working to survive. In that night there was a heavy rain around the village, two people died because of the rain. Avinash went with his father to look after the sufferer and for Panchanama.