Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rajesh Thombre! Snakes are his friends, nature is his Guru!

Are you not afraid about death? One camper questioned Rajesh Thombre! 

He replied,' I meet Death everyday! We say Hi, hello and promises to meet again. I love death, Everyday I catch poisonous snakes without any equipment, and I am not afraid about it! My work is selfless, pure and for others so I am not afraid about the Death! 
He catches all types of snakes in his hand, never catches their neck or hood. He loves the snakes. 
Rajesh tells a simple formula, if you meet your friend, you will smile and greet/hug him, you will never catch his neck, you will never have any doubt on your friend, you will not be afraid about him. So I never have doubts on snakes, some time they makes me aware that I should focus more on their hospitality. Its duty of the real friend to teach lessons! I have got lessons from my friends 38 times till today!
He had poisonous snake bite for 38 times till today, till that he loves snakes! 
Rajesh never charges a single penny from anyone to treat them.

Mr. Rajesh Thombre

Snake friend!
Strange personality, never uses stick or any other equipment to catch the snakes. He loves them, has has done lots of researches on snakes.
He was declared as a dead because of Cobra bite, but he survived from the accident. He lost his one finger because of poisonous snake bite. He says, "this finger reminds me that, "you have lost your finger, it should not happen with others".

He has saved near about 30, 000 persons who had snake bite.
He spent three years in a hospital to learn how to treat the patients and now guides so many doctors to treat the patients,( related to snake bite). He has mastery in his field. He learnt from the life and in the school of the nature! 
He has spent so many days with Adiwasi people to learn about the nature. He says, I was not allowed to take bath, to use hair oil or any other things, even they asked him to wear minimum cloths,  the cloths should be dirty. He learns  from everything and from everyone, so he calls others 'Guruji! 

Rajesh Thombre is not only a simple snake friend, he is beyond that!