Friday, October 29, 2010

Jawhar- tribal kingdom of Maharashtra!

Kokna, warli, koli, mahadev koli, and more, some of us must be reading these names first time. These are casts and sub casts in tribe. They have different casts, sub casts, groups etc. some of them lives in the jungle, some on mountain, some at the side of the rivers, some keeps moving and some has no shelter! We can see all these tribes near jawhar city in Thane district.
Jawhar-is untouched, most beautiful but rarely visited hill station and tribal kingdom of Maharashtra. It is famous for warli paintings and surrounded by blossoming green dense forest, wonderful climate. Scenic beauty of the Dadar Kopra falls and sangam of two rivers, Hanuman and sunset point are amazing. Jawhar ruled by the Munke dynasty during British Raj.

Places to visit near Jawhar

Bhopatgad Fort: A small fort made of rocks; it was constructed by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj for his official and personal meetings. According to a legend, the fort was visited by Lord Rama, wife Sita and sons Lava and Kush. A rock nearby with four footprints is said to be a testimony to the story. The place is visited by a large number of devotees. The fort also affords amazing views of the half clouded mountains.

Sangam Twin Waterfalls:  Two river comes together and both waterfall meets at same point. This is pretty picture as the water gushes from a height turning milky white. The densely forested surroundings and the perfectly quiet atmosphere make it an excellent escape for travelers. There is a Sangam of two rivers, in a hilly area. Two waterfalls come together at the same point, which is a rare example.

Jai Vilas Palace: This palace is also known as ‘Raj Bari’ the palace was one the official residences of the royal Munke family. The palace was located on top of a rock so as to enable the king to look at his kingdom from a height. The structure is extremely attractive with intricately decorated domes and carvings. The lush green surroundings provide a wonderful backdrop to the Palace.

Shirpamal: An interesting structure built by the great Maratha King Chhatrapati Shivaji, the structure was constructed on the highest pinnacle of the highest hill so as to give the royalty a view of all the movements that happen below. The way to Shirpamal is also an interesting trekking route.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Geeta for Yuva, Shrikrishna- Youth icon

Generally we celebrate Krishnajayanti by breaking Dahi handi , playing music and dancing in front of the lord. Additional to the general celebration these youngsters thought differently and took up this project which is creative and helpful to others. They are sharing their experiences and talking about Bhagavadgeeta in different colleges. They are also distributing Bhagavadgeeta to youngsters free of cost. The run is aimed to demonstrate strong mind in a strong body.

Swami Mitrananda, Directort of All India chinmaya Yuva Kendra, who believes that, “make them do, what you want in a way in which they like doing it”. He gave this small project to the youngsters so they can understand and experience the message of Bhagavadgeeta.

Geeta is a greatest scripture and it deals about every aspect of human life. It is not limited to any religion or group of people. Studying Geeta is very important to live happily and peacefully. The thoughts of Bhagavadgeeta are helpful to the youngsters in their life. so many great people like Lokmanya Tilak, Mahatma Gandhi, Khudiram Bose, Einstine, Subhash Chandra Bose, Veer Savarkar are appreciated the message of the Geeta, and agreed that Geeta helped them when they did something different/ when they faced greatest challenges of their life.

Today’s life is very fast, youngsters are going through tough competition and stressful education system. They need some role models in their life. Shrikrishna is a greatest youth icon because he enjoyed all the aspects of the life. He enjoyed his childhood, youthfulness and became a role model to others. He was focused, balanced so he could achieve perfection in every field. We should see Shrikrishna as a role model, youth icon than the God. If we see him as a God, we think that, he did great things because he was God.

On the occasion of the Krishna jayanti we should try to follow at least one value from his life. If the value grows in us it is the real birth of Krishna. It means we are celebrated and understood the real meaning of Shri Krishna jayanti. Let’s come together and start celebration of every festival creatively, so the real purpose of the celebration can be achieved.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Indian says, we are not Indian!

During my journey on bike across Bharat, I was caught by terrorists in Manipur. They took away my bike and all other stuffs. When I introduced myself and explained my mission of the Yatra to their leader. He got angry and said, you are creating awareness about Bharat in our country. This is totally wrong, this is against our thoughts. Why you came in our nation (not in state). I was shocked by hearing such language. He was a well educated person, Manipur is a part of our country and the guy is asking, why you came in our nation? They were not having any feeling about the country.
They simply ask what Government is doing for us? There are no roads, light, schools and basic infrastructure in these states. What you people thinks about us when we comes to India? You call us as a Chinese or Japanese. We are neglected from the Government, and rest of the country.

They don’t think that they are a part of the country. There is no change, development in most part of the north east states. If we visit villages in Manipur and Nagaland we will come to know the situation.
they are not benefited from us, so its natural there is no love between us.
Can we do something to help our brothers? At least can we give respect to them when they comes here, can we help their children for education? Please think, otherwise we may loose a chance to think on such issues. 

India is independent, not Indians!

When we celebrate Independence Day, we should ask a question to ourselves. Our (geographical) country might be independent, Are we really independent?

Real independence is being free from situations, problems, and bondages. It means to think freely and take right decisions independently. Independence Day reminds the bravery of the freedom fighters and sacrifice of the revolutionaries. We are not connected with the freedom struggle, so we don’t feel that it is significant. We are forgetting our originality

We just celebrate the day by hoisting the flags, distributing sweets beating drums and enjoying the holiday.

In a conversation with an old and experienced person (who was a retired police inspector) in Harayana I got some shocking information. His age was 83 and he was actively participated in freedom movement. He said we are not independent till today. At the individual level we don’t have freedom, we are not aware about our rights; we are ruled by our politicians. We can’t think, we just give votes and selects the politician. Most of the people give votes because of the pressure and most educated runs away from it. He added that, on 15th Aug 1947 nothing happened, just white British went and black came. He said that, as compare to our politician British were good. They were not corrupt; they were disciplined, punctual and educated. Our current politicians are not having these basic qualities also. As per his opinion we need another revolution for political freedom.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

……and the Yatra was cancelled!

I planned the Yatra and decided to leave on 1st March 2010. But there were two reasons to cancel the yatra. One of our young friend died on bike on 25th Feb. and one astrologer suggested my brother to stop the Yatra. He told my family members that there is a accidental death in my Kundali in next coming month. My parents, brothers started calling me and requested to stop the Yatra. They never believed on astrology, but he was a famous astrologer. One day they called me and I heard mothers crying sound on mobile. I felt very bad; I understood her love and thought what the use of the service, if our parents are not happy? I wanted to make them happy. They took promise from me that I will not go for the Yatra. I declared that I am going to cancel the Yatra. All they became very happy, but I was disturbed. My mind was telling me that it is my test and I have to pass it.

One day a thought came in my mind if you are not happy, how you can give happiness to others? If you want to become happy do what comes from inside. Do your own duties, follow your Swadharma. I did not slept for two days, I was just thinking about the Yatra. Finally I understood that my family loves me, but they are opposing because of the astrologer and superstition. I decided to move and I left for the Yatra without informing them. I called them on 10th March and told about the Yatra, my father said, ok, go! Serve the nation, you will be safe, my blessings are with you.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Greatest source of self confidence- Hanuman chalisa

Chanting Hanuman Chalisa with understanding and meditating on Lord Hanuman gives unbelievable positive energy and confidence. Lord Hanuman is a symbol of Power, strength, and success. My source of self confidence, inner power and secret of success is Hanuman chalisa. Swami Mitrananda taught us that, “As you think so you becomes”.

There is a simple formula if we meditate upon power we becomes power. If one meditates on Hanuman’s power, strength, he becomes strong and become able to overcome any kinds of situations. I wanted to experience this, so I chanted Hanuman chalisa for 108 times. I experienced the effects, without anything, I did this Yatra successfully. So many times I met with danger people, Gunda’s, Maowadis, I traveled through most sensitive areas of the country. I stayed alone in jungles in the night but nothing happened to me. I experienced the power, strength and confidence within myself.

Some people could not understand this, even I never believed on such things but I have experienced it.

Nothing will happen if we are doing it blindly, there should be faith, understanding, and clarity in mind.

....and finally i was caught by Maowadi in Manipur

It was 17th may 2010. I was in Manipur and the strike was going on in all over the state. It was highly sensitive area, and I was aware about it. Mr. Tiwary, an army officer informed me about the Maowadi group and how they troubles people. He also suggested not stopping anywhere, and covering the mouth with napkin.

I was driving little fast; one can drive at the speed of twenty on highway no-150 in Manipur. I was very alert. it was a jungle and no one was on the road. One youngster with rifle and a little sword stopped my bike, took the bike’s key and asked detail information about me. I gave all the details, he asked for two thousand rupees as a road tax. I said I can’t give because not having money. I have only seventy rupees and I can’t give it, because it will be required in next journey. I went with him and sat for sometime.

Then I requested him to meet their leader. He took me there, I went and sat on the chair, the leader came, he was around thirty, a young person. I said Hello and introduced myself. I said that, Sir you are well educated so only you can understand me. He became very happy after listening good things about him. He asked me why you came in our nation?. “Tu Idhar kyo aaya”.I replied that I wanted to study the villages and culture of the country, so came for the study. It is really nice and beautiful area. He checked my bag; saw the camera, laptop etc.

After few minutes he asked me don’t you have fear? How you can sit freely with us. Other people fears when they come here. I said excuse me sir, if you allow I can answer your question. He said, yes friend you can speak freely. I said Sir they don’t fear you, they fear the death. They fear the weapons which are in your hand. They were having rifles, AK 47, jambiya, Sword, and small knives. He thought for sometime and said yes, you are right. Everyone fears death. You are different, you are really courageous, because you have crossed Manipur state in this situation, I appreciate your courage and the way of speaking. Then he introduced about him without name, he was a graduate from Delhi University. He was a nice person, but he could not have got proper guidance on proper time. Today I experienced that there are good qualities in every human being. I also experienced that if we have pure vision and dedication to the service we can overcome any situations.

When I left the place the leader assured me, now no one will trouble you in this area.

Role of spiritual organizations in development of the nation.

From ancient time spirituality played a major role in developing the nation. Presently there are so many organizations working for national welfare. Chinmaya Mission is serving the society through different projects, like CORD, YEP. Chinmaya Organisation For Rural Development is serving in rural areas of Himachal Pradesh and north Bharat. They have transformed thousands of people and changed villages. I met to Dr. Kshama Mhetre (Didi), she believes on human transformation. So she made them self sufficient, helped people to realize their potential and showed the path of development. I visited few villages in Himachal where CORD is serving, interacted with people. Villagers have different groups like Kisan club, Mahila Mandal, Yuvati Samuha, Yuva group, Balveer etc. they comes together within a week for meeting, volunteers from CORD helps them for the coordination and guides for new projects. There are schools, good roads and basic facilities in every villages.

Youth Empowerment Program is another project initiated by Swami Mitrananda. Chinmaya Mission trains youngsters, inspires them to serve the nation and helps them during the service period. From last four years around two hundred qualified youngsters are serving to the nation in different parts of the country. This course includes three months value based management, leadership training program and ten months selfless service to the nation. I met with around fifteen Yuvaveers who are serving to the nation in different parts of the country. They are doing amazing work and serving to the thousands of people in the nation

M.A.D.(Making A Difference) Dr. Ashok Belkhode

I came to know about this person when I was in Nanded, Maharashtra. Some one told me that there is a MBBS, MD Doctor who is serving to the villagers. People told so many good things about him. I wanted to meet him, but thought he is very great person, how he will meet me without an appointment. I went to Kinwat and visited his hospital. When I saw the hospital, I thought to meet him for few minutes. When I entered in his cabin he was checking a patient. When he came to know that I am traveling on bike across the nation, he said you are MAD. I am also a MAD because I travelled whole Bharat on bicycle. My master was world famous MAD who travelled twice on bycycle to connect the Bharat, his name is Baba Amte.

Dr. Ashok Belkhode was a coordinator of the cycle yatra organised by Baba Amte to connect the Bharat. He talked with me nicely for an hour. Then he asked to stay in his home in the night. I was very happy to stay with a great person. He called all his friends at 10.30 pm. He said one MAD person came in our city please come lets have a nice disscussion with him. We had discussion for one and half hour.

Dr. Ashok Belkhode is serving to hundreds of villages and making awareness about health and education. He is implementing lots of projects for villagers. His hospital is always open for all villagers with minimum charges or free of cost. There is also a reading hall and library in the hospital.

Dr. Ashok teached basic health related things to students so they can serve in villages. Those who are failed in tenth exam can get admission to the course, Dr. Ashok and his team trains them and they serves in villages.

Alfa byte- it’s a family

The group of people stays together with love and respect and understands each other is called family. I visited Alfa Byte computer institute in Indapur on first day of the Yatra. I met to Tushar Ranjankar, president of the institute. We had nice interaction for some time. I interacted with students of the institute. I asked a question to a student, What is your opinion about this institute? He just replied,”it is not only an institute, it is a family”. I liked the answer very much. I stayed there for a day. Really it is a family.

There are no workers, sweepers or watchman. Students manages all the things. They wakes up early in the morning, cleans the whole area, and starts their day after doing Yogasan and Suryanamskar. They stays together, they loves and respects each other, they learns together and teaches each other. They manage the institute within less expenses so maximum poor and village students can take benefits of the computer education within less fees. Tushar Ranjankar wants to give computer education to maximum students who can not afford high fees in other computer institute. He is a past student of Student Welfare Association, Pune. He implemented all the good things in Alfa byte, what he learned in SWA. There is ‘Earn and learn’ scheme for the students. He arranges different activities like group discussion, personality development programs, guest lectures etc. Tushar Ranjankar invites great personalities in the institute to interact with students, so students can feel confident and get inspiration from them.

Students of the institute says that, “ Tushar sir is our teacher, guide, mentor, and role model. He is just like a elder brother in our family.

Tushar is well educted, he could have got job in good company, he could have opened computer institute in Pune or any other city, but he says, it was my dream to teach poor students in villages, when I came back after completing my education in 1995, I realised that computer education is the need of village students. So I started teaching with one computer and now we have a nice institute with defferent courses and special departments.

11th March 2010. First day of the Yatra

It was a memorable day for me. I woke up early in the morning went to Shanti Mandir, Dr. Samprasad Vinod Blessed me and said, enjoy the Yatra, don’t fear, god will bless you. We gathered at Shri Babasaheb Purandare’s home. He put kumkum tilak on my forehead, presented shawl, coconut and talked about ten minutes. He said, I am very happy to know that a young person from Pune is travelling allover Bharat. In the ancient time Sant Namdeo, Sant Dnyaneshwar, Tukaram, Shivaji Maharaj travelled all over nation to share the knowledge, and to build a strong nation. This youngster is travelling to get and share the knowledge; it is very good that you are travelling on bike, because it suits to this generation.

We sung Vande Mataram together and started the Yatra. Dr. Samprasad Vinod, Vinay Deshmukh, Hemant Joshi were present. Sunil Mane, Siddhesh Bangar, Mahendra Munjal, Hanumant Khengre, Ganesh Hursale, Mangesh Bendkhale, Alok Medhi came to wish me. My brother Dnyaneshwar and Narayan were standing in the corner. They looked little nervous. I could not talk with my brothers and family members.When I started bike, Babasaheb asked about helmet, I said I am going to purchase it. Sunil Mane and Mangesh followed me and we purchased a helmet, had breakfast. I left Pune around 11 am. Alok Medhi requested to visit his petrol pump near Saswad. His father talked very nicely, blessed me, gave some fruits and filled petrol of 930 rupees. I started from Saswad and stopped at Indapur at 4.30 pm. I stayed at Alfa byte on the first day, interviewed Tushar Ranjankar, who is the Chairman of Alfa byte institute. Here I had two sessions with youngsters; and talked with around hundred youngsters about the nation.

Shri Hemant Joshi- he loved the concept of serving the nation!

I met to specific person before starting the Yatra. Most of them opposed me, some of them were positive, few gave assurance to help the Yatra and there was only one person who said, it is a great concept, we should support it. I met to Shri Hemant Joshi sir at his home on 6th march 2010. He is a great person; he helps poor people by distributing new cloths and never tells anyone. He likes social work and has vision. He knew me, because of Yog and other social projects. When I told him about the Yatra and asked his guidance. He said do it, find a village where we can serve. He called me at his office on next day. He gave me a cheque and said, this is my small help for the project. He called few people and asked to support the Yatra. Within one hour he managed eighty percent expenses of the Yatra. He is the only person who talked very less, he just said I want to contribute in this noble cause.

……and the Yatra was cancelled!

I planned the Yatra and decided to leave on 1st March 2010. But there were two reasons to cancel the yatra. One of our young friend died on bike on 25th Feb. and one astrologer suggested my brother to stop the Yatra. He told my family members that there is a accidental death in my Kundali in next coming month. My parents, brothers started calling me and requested to stop the Yatra. They never believed on astrology, but he was a famous astrologer. One day they called me and I heard mothers crying sound on mobile. I felt very bad; I understood her love and thought what the use of the service, if our parents are not happy? I wanted to make them happy. They took promise from me that I will not go for the Yatra. I declared that I am going to cancel the Yatra. All they became very happy, but I was disturbed. My mind was telling me that it is my test and I have to pass it.

One day a thought came in my mind if you are not happy, how you can give happiness to others? If you want to become happy do what comes from inside. Do your own duties, follow your Swadharma. I did not slept for two days, I was just thinking about the Yatra. Finally I understood that my family loves me, but they are opposing because of the astrologer and superstition. I decided to move and I left for the Yatra without informing them. I called them on 10th March and told about the Yatra, my father said, ok, go! Serve the nation, you will be safe, my blessings are with you.

Opposition, Insults (Uphasa) and …...?.

Before starting the Yatra I had strong opposition from my family and friends. They gave their hundred percent to cancel the Yatra, and they became successful. There was a time I decided to cancel the Yatra, and I declared that, I am going to cancel the Yatra. I will not go if they don’t want it. My family members and some friends became very happy, they believed on me that I will not go for the Yatra. They kept watch on me for few days.

Without informing anyone I started the Yatra. My brothers and friends came to know about it just before one day when news published in Lokmat newspaper. Now they were not having chance to stop me. Some people said that, weather is too hot; your health is not good why are you taking such an adventure? When I started some of them said, ok, go! We know that you will come back within five to ten days. Because it is not a joke to drive continuously, Bharat is not small as Pune city. Now opposition was turned into insults. I was aware about it. Swami Vivekananda said that every great venture goes through three phases, Opposition, Insults, and welcome. I don’t know whether they will welcome or not!

Only few person admired me

Dr Samprasad Vinod, Swami Mitrananda, Hemant Joshi, Babasaheb Purandare.

I spoke with so many people, friends before leaving to the Yatra. Most of them opposed me, some of them laughed at me and some neglected me. But there are some great person who liked the concept and only two masters who admired and said it is great thought, go and experience it. They guided me, supported the thought and blessed me.

Swami Mitrananda is Acharya and President of Chinmaya Mission Chennai, and Dr. Samprasad Vinod is renowned personality in the field of Yog.

There are only few people who can understand higher thoughts.

Do you believe yourself?

I was planning the Yatra, sometime I thought that whether I will able to do it or not. One day I wanted to take decision whether I should go for this Yatra or not, because I was sick in the month of January, I was not allowed to drive any two wheelers because of an accident which caused for knee paining, I was not having money, no bike, and no camera.

I took a coin and decided that if ‘head’ then I will do this venture and if ‘tail’ then I will cancel the Yatra. I prayed to God and did toss, unluckily it was negative. I did thrice but it was negative for three times continuously. I don’t know was it luck or what?. I became little nervous and slept for some time. When I woke up I saw a photograph of Swami Chinmayananda and one thought came in my mind, “Do you believe yourself or the coin?”

I decided to go for the Yatra and never looked back!
I have completed the Yatra on bike within 108 days.

We should not give up

One day I went with my friend on bike. When we came back he realized that bike’s key is not there. It was a single key without kitchen, so failed somewhere. The bike was taken from another friend and it was supposed to return after one hour. There was not key maker in that area. So we decided to find the key. I walked on the road for around half kilometer and came back. Time was around 8 pm, there was darkness on the road, and traffic was also there.

My friend Santhosh Cheta came after half an hour with the key. He showed the key to me and said, “Pundlik We should not give up”. This incidence was something different, it was very effective. Whenever I faced problems before starting the Yatra I reminded this incidence, we should not give up!

What made the Yatra successful?

It was my dream to visit the Bharat on bike. But it was just a dream, because I was not having anything to complete it. No money, no bike, not having good health. Without anything the Yatra became successful, I have completed hundred and eight days on bike and visited twenty eight states of our country. I have covered twenty one thousand kilometers on bike. I stayed at temples, college and school grounds, jungles, with Adivasi’s, police stations, army camps, footpaths etc. I never had fear in my mind, I was never afraid, I was never thought to go back, I became successful, but it was not my success. There are thousands of known and unknown people who prayed for my success. But when one of my friend and reporter asked me that what was the secret of the success? When I started thinking on this question got following points. Willpower, strong desire to serve the nation, selfless service, pure vision, dedication, clarity in mind, self confidence, blessings of my masters etc.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Yatra! - before starting the Yatra

It was a strange period in my life. I wanted to do this Yatra (Traveling on bike across Bharat for 108 days) but everyone was opposing. My family members were not ready to give bike and money because of love, affection and unnecessary care. I did not slept on 28th and 29th February, continuously I was thinking about the yatra. I called all my friends and asked for bike, but no one was ready to support me and the cause. In that time I was serving for the nation so not having any income source, even I was not having a single rupee in that time.

One of my best friends Sunil Mane called me on 29th Feb and enquired about the preparation of Yatra. I told him everything and informed that I have to cancel the Yatra because I am not having bike. Suddenly he said that he will manage a bike for me.

I planned to go Pune from Chennai, but I had only 100 rupees. I borrowed 500 rupees from a friend (Santhosh Cheta) and booked train ticket on 4th March. I finished all work in Chennai and left to Pune on 4th March 2010.

In the train

I was not having money to have food in the train. I just closed my eyes and sat quietly. One Marwadi family was sitting in front of me. They noticed that I did not have food from yesterday. One of them asked me, I said that I am pure vegetarian so I never take food in the train. They gave me home made food, and said we are Marwadi, pure vegetarian, please have a food.

I arrived in Pune on 5th morning and got the bike from Sunil Mane. It was not in good condition; around seven thousand rupees were required for repairing.

I met to different people on 5th 6th and 7th March, most of them opposed and laughed at me. One of my friend Vipul Shaha supported fully and helped me. His father said, we wanted to contribute for this noble cause.

On 8th March Umesh Sardar called me for lunch, and asked in detail about my Yatra. I told everything. He said we will look for sponsorship, but I opposed because I did not wanted sponsorship from anyone. On the same day Parag Potdar a senior reporter from Lokmat called me, made a nice story and published in Lokmat on next day. I met to Shri Hemant joshi sir in the evening; he liked the project and wanted to help for it. Next day he called me in his office. He managed petrol expenses of the Yatra without any expectation.

My friend Viraj Nikam took responsibility of repairing the bike.

I met to Shri Mahesh jivane in the evening at 10 pm. He gave very important tips for the Yatra and asked me to take photographs. I replied I am not having a camera. He managed a new camera for the Yatra. I met to Shri Babasaheb Purandare on 9th March, he blessed me and asked from where are you starting this yatra? I replied its not decided, then he said come to my home, have milk and start your Yatra, let Mata bhavani bless you and give a great success.

Without nothing, everything! Nothing is everything!

The title sounds funny, but it is true.

I planned to visit the whole Bharat for 108 days without having anything. No money, no bike, no camera, nothing! In others opinion It was a just a silly idea or thought. When I talked with my friends, they asked me, Are you mentally ok? Is anything wrong with you? Any break up, family problem? Etc.

If we believe on our self then success is there. The start itself is a greater success. I became courageous, fearless, and very happy. My all family members strongly opposed me, till that I was happy. On 28th February the Yatra was cancelled, till that I am happy only. I never had such experiences in my life time.

I decided to start on 11th March without informing any one. I have only two pairs of cloths, one old shoes, one bag, one shall, one notebook and hundred rupees. I wanted bike to save time and money but no t having it! I am just traveling to experience and know the Bharat, to know myself.
Now everyone is asking a question how will you manage this journey without having money?

I don’t have anything and I am going to experience nothingness. That nothingness is everything. What we seek outside is there in side, but we can’t look inside because of ignorance, attachment, and fear of different things. These thoughts should be experienced then only we can say that nothing is everything.

I have written this blog before starting the Yatra and experienced that nothingness. I got bike, camera, laptop, petrol expenses without asking anyone. My friends and some good people managed it.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Change the system!

What youth can do for development of the nation? Youth should be active; they should able to think freely and independently.
Youth is a special phase of life, we should have freedom of thinking, we should be self motivated, and we should act for the change. Our main problem is we never act, we know all the problems but we think somebody should solve it. We are not ready to take initiative.
Youth should integrate with society; we should understand religions, society, politics, and Government. Only youth can make the change.
As Swami Mitrananda says, if you want to make change then study the system, survive in the system, establish yourself in the system and then make the change.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My death is dead!

Death is the fact of life! But nobody is ready to accept it. It is truth, and it should be accepted. Death is the biggest fear in our life; it is the base of all other fears. We live in fear everyday. If we have fear we can’t do anything. Our ancient philosophy speaks very clearly about the death. Bhagvadgeeta says, one who is born death is certain. Death is just like changing the cloths, throwing old one and accepting new one. It also says real self never dies, and never takes birth. It just passes through one to another body.
Knowing our real nature and becoming aware about the facts of life develops courage. Such person experiences real happiness with work satisfaction. He can enjoy the life. He knows that death is just a step in my journey where I have to change the station, wear new dress; take new vehicle to continue the journey.
One who learns Yog, real Bharatiya philosophy can get vision and clarity of life and experiences that death is not end of my journey. If we have higher vision, pure thoughts and strong will power to serve the country then we can conquer the death and experience that --My death is dead!


I am starting my bike journey across Bharat to serve the nation. I am traveling alone without having any basic facilities like money, accommodation and food arrangements. I am responsible for entire happenings during the journey. Its good that if I met with death while serving to the motherland, if I come alive its better that I have more time to serve the nation. Death never comes before the time and if time is there then nobody can stop the death.
Everyone like new and colorful dresses, but don’t want to throw old one. We should learn to detach from old things to learn new one. We should be ready to die for good cause. All attachments should be kept away then only one can becomes perfect person to serve the nation.
My first will is nobody should feel bad (specially my family) about my death.
The Insurance money should be divided in two parts, 50% should be given to my parents and other people from whom I borrowed money for this journey.
Remaining 50% should be deposited in bank and it can be distributed as a scholarship to the needy students, and the people who wants to serve the nation.
I don’t have any other wills, desires but I will be really satisfied if somebody serves to the nation for few days in a year. 

Seeking Bharat! Seeking.........Bha rat...........King Bharat!

Seeking Bharat!
Seeking means to search! It means knowing ours real nature, passion, Swadharma etc.
This journey is to search the real nation which is in the villages. There is huge difference between what we see and what exactly is! We believe in what we see, what we hear, what we read etc, It’s not wrong but not hundred percent right also. To know something higher we should experience the things.
Seeking Bha- Rata
Bharat is a land where people are busy to get, to search the real knowledge. Bha means knowledge, and rat means busy, the land where people are busy to acquire the higher knowledge and its distribution. We have invented so many things and shared with the entire world. We believed that knowledge is universal and it should be shared with all. It means they have experienced the knowledge and then shared with other. This is my journey to search such types of people who are busy to get and give the knowledge.
See King Bharat
As a nation Bharat is really king,  means greater in various fields. we are the youngest nation in the world. History says that only young people can do the change, if we reveal in our real form we can make revolution and our nation can be a real king in the world. 
We were very great, but lost our identity because of others influences upon us. Now a day some youngsters think that what comes from the west is the best, rest is waste. 
We should know who we are? What is our identity? Who were our ancestors? What types of great work they have done in different fields?
If we study our nation, we were really great.  

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Purpose of Seeking Bharat! A bike ride across the Bharat.

The purpose of my yatra can be differentiated as an Internal and external. The internal purpose is I want to experience freedom, become free, independent, detached from ego, desires, unnecessary thoughts, so I can focus on my goal, experience the real knowledge and serve the society in a better way. This Yatra is to develop courage, being adventurous, adjust and suit to any types of situations, and develop the strength of mind. I want to know who I am. And I am seeking the answer within. Yatra is a part of knowledge, it develops wisdom. It s not a picnic or a tour, I am staying at Railway station, ST stands, police stations, temples, and other public places.  This yatra is to search the young Bharat, to inspire them, and motivate with understanding to serve the nation.
So many youngsters want to serve the country, but they dont have clear vision. I will share about some training programs like Youth Empowerment Program to get clearity and vision of life. If some youngsters ready to serve the country for a year, my external purpose will be fulfilled.

Detachment like Vayu

Vayu means wind. It is the best symbol of freedom, power, speed, strength, and detachment. We should earn detachment from Vayu. If we are detached we become courageous. Attraction makes us weak. We are attracted to different things in our lifetime. When we were children we were attached to toys and playing, we grew we are attached to opposite sex, we becomes parents and get attached to our children.
There is difference between attachment and love. We should learn to detach from different things. We become free, our mind becomes free and all we know that free mind means strongest mind, healthy mind. If mind is free we will not be in past and present we will think in present, we will live in present and it will help to internal and external growth.

Seeking Bharat! 28 states,80 destinations, 108 days, 21,000 kilometers. Travelling on bike.

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj- What we can learn from him

Shivaji Maharaj was a great strategic thinker, visionary and a fearless leader. He has born on 19th Feb. on the fort Shivneri, District Pune. Here are some qualities which we should learn from Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
Courage- He won first fort Torna at the age of sixteen with the help of few friends. He is the first person who fought successfully against the mighty Mughal who were destroying our culture, temples, heritages like Ellora caves etc.
Leadership- He motivated the farmers, and tribal people, trained them for battles and formed very powerful army.
Management- He was the person who was able to manage himself. He managed his kingdom, introduced new strategies for better kingdom, building forts in the sea, fighting battles on black moon day and introducing special techniques for the battles. He managed all five big enemies ( Nizam, Mughal, Kutub, etc) strategically.
Respect to women- Once his chief of the army gifted him a beautiful young girl, who was kidnapped after winning the battle. Shivaji Maharaj said that, oh my sister, be fearless, this is your home, and he gifted best cloths and sent back to her father with respect. Then he sent a warning letter to all his ministers giving so many rules and ended as, No one should trouble any women there will be harsh punishment for it.
Once a chief of the village (patil) raped a woman, Shivaji Maharaj called him and cut his both the hands, saying that I am just cutting your hands and giving you life so others can be aware that there is no excuse for a rapist.
Visionary- He was a visionary person; he knew that the British will attack on Bharat in future. So he called the main British merchants and sent them in prison, later some weapons found in their ships he collected it and kept strict watch on them. To resist British he built forts in the sea and founded first Navy in Bharat. He is the father of Bhartiya Navy.
Nature preservation- He strictly warned to his ministers in his Adnyapatra (order letter), No one should cut a single tree in our kingdom. Trees are member of our country and plants are like children. Take care of them and preserve the nature.
Bravery- Power + Intelligence=Bravery. In Marathi, Shakti + Yukti = Shourya. Afzal Khan was more powerful than Shivaji Maharaj, but Maharaj killed him with the help of Shakti and Yukti.

Here is some part of the first speech of Shivaji Maharaj when he took oath to freedom. (From the play Janata Raja)
My Dear friends, from last three hundred years we are living a life of dog in slavery, but now we want to live like tigers. It’s better that if no body loves us, but no body should feel pity on us. We are the sons of Mata Tulja Bhavani, we are born to preserve good things and destroy bad. Jagdamb! Oh my friends you are the lions (Nar sinha), come out from all the sides (poles), with full inspiration, and power. We are doing this for the God, Country, and freedom and to protect good Dharma. We will be successful. This work belongs to Mata Bhavani, it will be successful. Our bravery is required for it!

Purpose of my bike ride across Bharat.

As most of you know that, I have devoted this year for the nation. I am traveling on bike to serve and visit the rural Bharat. I will be in each state around three to six days. The route is given below, if possible we can meet in your city. I will be in touch through mail.
You can help me by giving information about institutes/Colleges/NGO's in your area and sharing your thoughts/idea's about serving the nation.

Vayu Shodh Yatra- Keep moving
Starting date -5th March 2010
Starting from- Pune
Total distance- around 14 thousand kilometers.
Duration- 108 days
Objectives –
The main objective is to visit and know real Bharat and serve the society by sharing our knowledge and skills with them.
In this yatra I am planning to interact with maximum youngsters across the country to share the vision, ideas and thoughts of serving the nation through different projects like Youth empowerment program, Tata jagriti Yatra etc.
To understand the problems of rural citizens, related to education, health, food, employment, and knowing their ideas of happiness.
I am planning to visit a college/school/NGO everyday to interact with students and like-minded Bharatiya.

My bike ride to serve the nation

In young age we have power, energy, daring, lot of enthusiasm! All these things should be well channelized. If we use these qualities for good reason, we can learn so many things. It was my dream to travel whole Bharat on bike, but it was not possible because of education, job etc. I resigned job to serve the nation at the age of 25.
I started serving from Maval area in Pune district and then shifted to Chennai. I worked on different projects with Chinmaya Mission and also served to “ Tata Jagriti Yatra”.
Traveling across the country, serving people, knowing about rural Bharat is the aim of my bike journey. I am going to interact with youngsters and sharing information about “Youth Empowerment Program” and Tata Jagriti Yatra. I am sure it will help them to develop and evolve. I am just sharing the ideas to get the knowledge, and I think it is the best type of service.