Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I am starting my bike journey across Bharat to serve the nation. I am traveling alone without having any basic facilities like money, accommodation and food arrangements. I am responsible for entire happenings during the journey. Its good that if I met with death while serving to the motherland, if I come alive its better that I have more time to serve the nation. Death never comes before the time and if time is there then nobody can stop the death.
Everyone like new and colorful dresses, but don’t want to throw old one. We should learn to detach from old things to learn new one. We should be ready to die for good cause. All attachments should be kept away then only one can becomes perfect person to serve the nation.
My first will is nobody should feel bad (specially my family) about my death.
The Insurance money should be divided in two parts, 50% should be given to my parents and other people from whom I borrowed money for this journey.
Remaining 50% should be deposited in bank and it can be distributed as a scholarship to the needy students, and the people who wants to serve the nation.
I don’t have any other wills, desires but I will be really satisfied if somebody serves to the nation for few days in a year. 

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