Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Be cashless, use ‘aCashless’.

Dear citizens of the country, please try to become cashless! Try to make most of the facilities created for cashless transactions, it will help to create a corruption free country. It is t onlyhe way to help the nation prosper.
In a way it will help everyone to become safe and tension free. No need to carry any cash or keep a watch on your wallet. No fear of theft, no fear of losing any thing. It is a great experience. Lets take an oath to make India a cashless nation. It is a great opportunity for all of us to participate in the nation-building program.
Our contribution in making India a cashless nation is an android application called ‘acashless’.
It is a simple mobile application which can be used anywhere.

On 1st December 2016 ‘acashless’ has made Amkheda the first Cashless village in our country.
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