Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The first Indian Cashless App, developed by the villagers.

After demonetization, villagers were facing a lot of problems for the first few days. A group of such villagers thought of a cashless concept. The only question was how to make a cashless transaction.
In olden days there was  barter system but what concept can be used in these modern days. So the Idea of ‘aCashless’ mobile application came up. The idea was implemented within twenty days practically in a village called Amkheda, Washim district, Maharasthra.
 Website and the application itself was developed within twenty days and was implemented in the village. The only aim was to serve the nation and bring easiness in monetary transactions.
The day 1st December 2016 is a dream day for all of them. They have launched their own ‘aCashless’ app in the village. Our target is to make the whole village cashless within ten days.
After becoming successful in the first village, the same project shall be launched in other villages. The mission is to make maximum villages go cashless.

Purity, dedication and attitude of serving the nation is helping all of us to become successful.

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