Wednesday, December 7, 2016

For the first time a team of farmers make a village go cashless after demonetization.

Farmers are considered to be illiterate and poor people, who work hard to cultivate food for everyone. Unfortunately they never get any financial benefits over the crops they produce, although traders earn their share of profit by selling the produce of the farmers to the customers.
Today the scenario has changed and farmers are not only being educated but are also strongly willing to change their circumstances.
After demonetization, there was an issue of cash transactions. Not only the cities but also the residents of our villages suffered terribly due to the absence of immediate cash. To tackle this situation few farmers came together and decided to make things better and develop their lives like Mr. Modiji was developing our nation.

They came up with an idea of an android application. The first cashless mobile application for the rural sector  ‘aCashless’.  It was developed within the shortest period by the team of  genius farmers and enthusiastic technicians. This new innovation enabled them to build the first cashless village of the country after demonetization. Amkheda, in Washim district of Maharashtra is becoming cashless from 1st December 2016. It was a great experience for all of them to make the first cashless village.

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