Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Everybody wants a financial module, we worked on a development module! Digital Gao!

Villages are always the last priority for any kind of development projects. Big companies hesitate to enter the rural market because of low profit margins.  
Development of our villages is the utmost important thing to make our economy strong. All apps and technologies are implemented in urban regions, only promoted in the cities and towns. How are villagers supposed to benefit themselves with the modern technology?
We are a group of educated people, and it is our duty to support our villagers.
We have developed the first mobile application for villagers that help them go cashless. Our target is to increase the level of convenience in all the villages with the help of technology. We are promoting this android application in villages and training them to conduct cashless transactions.
Our last concern is about the financial module for this project, we want people to use it. We want to provide this facility to our villagers and bring happiness in their lives. Our vision is to digitalize our village and we are just following our dream without any kind of expectation.

Earning profit is the trend, providing service should be.

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