Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Cashless App- By the Indian, for the Indian.

Cashless mobile application is made by the villagers for the villagers. It is the first and only android application which is promoted in villages to support the cause of demonetization.
There are three layers in the Indian society. The first layer is occupied by the rich people. The second layer by the middle class and the third layer consists of poor people of the country.
 Our technology is for the second and third layer of the society. Nobody is focusing on these layers. Nobody is interested to provide technologies to the most needful people. One of the categories of people in the second and third layer as we say is of farmers, the ones who genuinely support our nation, the real Indians, sache Bhartiya.
aCashless is made for these real Indians known as Bhartiya.

 We are providing training and promoting cashless transactions in villages. The first digital village that we made is Amkheda in  Washim district of Maharashtra.

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